Happy New Year & Countdown Tickets

A happy new year to all of you!

We hope you made it across the annual finish line ok. May 2024 bring you health, stability, lots of great moments and memories, and just treat you right across the board.

For this year, we are absolutely stoked to get closer to the 22nd Dong Open Air and to see you, the best fans, and our unparalleled crew on the most beautiful mine dump in the world. Yes, July 11 to 13 is still a little while away, however, we are busy listening to the several hundred band applications that have reached us – to make sure we pick the best mix for you. Several of you have asked who the „and many more” are on the lineup. No worries: We have so much more to tell you!

To appease any other worries because the X-Mas tickets are gone – fortunately a fresh bunch of Countdown tickets has arrived in the shop and awaits you while supplies lasts.

Have a good January!

With all of the New Year’s resolutions

your Dong Team