Are you ready for four more additions to the line-up?

Today we have no less than four additions to the line-up for you. Are you ready?

The Night Eternal from the heart of the Ruhr region play heavy metal and have already proven themselves at one or two major events. They wrap genre sounds of NWOBHM in a dark garment and mix burning riffs and catchy melodies into an excellent mixture.

Vulture Industries cook up progressive metal with generous pinches of gothic, avant-garde, doom, and industrial metal. A wild mixture from the Norwegians? Even better live! And they’ll be bringing their 2023 album with them too.

Subterranean Masquerade understand what progressive metal can do – a skillful musical crossover: the Israeli guys mix elements from death and symphonic metal with classical string instruments and sprinkle in oriental elements.

Nephylim have created a black pearl on the metal horizon with their 2020 debut album “Severance of Serenity”. The Dutch Wacken Metal Battle winners will delight the hearts of all those who feel at home with Nordic melodic death metal.

The four bands join Behemoth, Blind Guardian, In Extremo, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Equilibrium, Deserted Fear, The Night Flight Orchestra, Wucan, Nanowar of Steel, Drone, Neurotic Machinery, Scarnival, Dust Bolt and Elvellon. Get ready for three days of deep relaxation with neck training in nature on Mount Moshmore! But we’re not through yet – so stay tuned!

Gently nodding and tapping or foot along on our way through the day,
your Dong Team